I Was a Fabulous Dancer

Song Description

Pop ballad with groove. Looking at the way things were, with a message of high hope for the future.

Song Length 4:00 Genre Pop - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject Gourmet Food Language English
Era 2000 and later



This is the moment, we?ve all been waiting for
This is the moment, we?ve spent our whole lives waiting to see

Everybody get up! Everybody get up!
Rain never falls on me? x2

Verse 1
I was a fabulous dancer, I had a chariot too,
I was a gum chewing, hip swinging, finger snapping, hand clapping, trendy just like you
I was the ultimate raver, with the world on my plate,
I was a real cunning, cool running, funky little know it all, waiting too be great

This is spirit of a whole new generation, in other words, this a happening, OK!
This is the spirit of an enviable nation, in other words, when we fall down, all we have to do is say:


Verse 2
Oooh! I can see the danger, hmmm? sometimes we can go too far
I became an angel, ooo?I became a rising star
I was a charming persuader, with a mysterious past,
I was an all star motion picture, big screen with a fabulous cast

This is the spirit in a whole new light! In other words, this is a happening OK!
This is the spirit of the dance floor of life! In other words when we fall down, all we have to do is say:


Everybody get up! Every body get up! (repeat 4 times)
I was a fabulous dancer (repeated twice over above)


I was a fabulous dancer (repeated over chorus fade out)

Lyrics Varnia Lovinsky Music Geraint Hughes / Aric Sigman / Varnia Lovinsky
Producer Hughes / Lovinsky / Sigman Performance Hughes / Lovinsky / Sigman
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