Lord I Live with lyrics

Song Length 3:03 Genre Rock - Religious
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later


V. I was broken empty an scorned abused by those i loved the most ,But you came and healed me and filled my Heart i forgive my past now I'm no longer bound

C. Lord i live to worship you lord i live to worship you Lord i live to worship you

V. Finally out the valley low now I'm on the mountain top and I'm searching for direction never knew that life could be full of prosperity now the peace i have is in you
C. Lord i live to worship you

Bridge: I've decided to follow Jesus no turning back

I like the sound of the lead guitar and the lead vocals. I also like the sound of the drums, bass guitar and keyboards and how they blend together.

Lyrics George Molden Music George Molden
Producer George Molden Publisher George Molden
Performance George Molden Label Molden Music group
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