kill switch

Story Behind The Song

Living in a suburb of Chicago the morning news is a constant reminder of the senseless killings and violent crimes that plague our communities.

Song Length 3:44 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Mood Outraged
Subject Murder, Rape Language English
Era 2000 and later

Interesting chord pattern and comes with good power once it kicks in.

A really solid instrumental, I love the vibes at the start of the song and how it builds to something more heavy. I love the accents in the playing, how it's not perfectly in 4/4 all the time. All the musical performances are great across the board, the guitar solo, bass playing, rhythm guitars, and all the atmospheric effects. This is a great performance all around.

Solid tune! Very haunting. Well produced and I'd like to hear more from you!

Very big, bold and majestic sound with really good arrangement and instrumentation. This should be a great sound for any number of TV shows or movies.

Music George Selsky Producer George Selsky
Performance George Selsky
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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