Song Length 3:43 Genre Folk - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Language English


Carmel California
Is a good place to go down to
When your're feeling
Like the pain will never end
When it hurts so much
That you don't think that you can stand it
So you go there

Ooh Carmel Valley by the ocean
I can feel you
Soothing like a lotion
All my heartaches
They'll be lost there

Winding down the valley on its ribbon under wheel
You can get there
To a place where you can feel
Where you cry out
In your madness and your anger
Your despair
Oh no

(repeat chours)

(repeat chorus)
In Carmel

Lyrics Gary Michael McConnell Music Gary Michael McConnell
Producer Gary Michael McConnell Publisher Rockwood Publishing
Performance Gary Michael McConnell
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