Y'all Gatha Round

Story Behind The Song

Are ya ready for this?Yall Gatha Round is a fictional game played by adults with a twist. The game becomes very realistic to the point where a 2some becomes 4some and then some.But the ultimate high is that for the pairs to be watched and video taped, and placed on the market.Now the rule is that for all that view the game, must take part in the game and accept all that comes with it. Wanna play?

Song Description

Y'all Gatha Round, meanning come fourth. Watch,listen,lick and learn.

Song Length 5:37 Genre R & B - Funk, Rock - Funk
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Mood Anxious, Engaging Subject Sexual Fantasy, Pornography
Similar Artists George Clinton, Outkast Language English
Era 2000 and later


All you people, all you people, ya'll gatha round
Listen up, listen up to our quirky sound
It's. like somthin never heard or here on earth
Because we're not here from that hump, but another birth.

The part is played inside a room, Da mamma womb
Of pennitraitcha is the place we're hailing from
It's like for-e when we play, when we're in bed
just like somehtin rarely said.

All I want you to know is how I feel
If I'm to worry, then I'll worry, no worry deal
Is it about to make sense on that I can not say.
All the things upon my mind get in the way
I'll make it up as I go along for you today
I'm bringing you a nice gift that I hope you.ll take
Well it's you're move and you do fine to my dismay
The look you have upon you face just gave it away
You start to shake like you were nervous
But in the same, loves unrehearsed.

Oh, it's our time but it's short before you know
The lights will brighten like the sun
And it's time to go
Let's give a kiss and kiss quick before we break the rules and slip

All you people, all you people, ya'll gatha round
Listen up, listen up to our quirky sound
If there's a feeling that we're givin
Then grab a bag of these and stop complaining that you're illin

Okay, okay, it's time for you to know the rules
Of gatha round, it's just a game we like to play
If you'll sit down- so hold it close
and member dear and collect up all thoughts and all your worries lend an ear

No, no, no it's okay at how you feel
Some one exactly like you out there that knows the deal
And in the night when the light through the blinds shone brightly so they can see
Oh- when their crotched in their spaces to take a peek
We?ll make them swallow their spit so they can breathe
and the air is much clearer in here it's so sad to see them leave.

So- If, I could take you to a room of solitude,
A place of comfort and a little brew,
of all the simple things you like I cannot miss.
May magic fingers doing you like this?
You feel protected and you swoon,
To my delight you whisper softly if I like, I say I like
Just like for-e when we play when we're in bed
You say you-you say
That's rarely , said.

All you people, all you people ya'll gatha round
Listen up, Listen up to our quirky sound
We have the right to embrace your every move
Just like a truth or dare game on an afternoon
We place ourselves up under light upon the stage
to entertain with such delight to every age.
It's not the choices we were given
But in the same breath it was the gift that we were taken, taken, take
Take a picture if you like it's A-okay.
Digitalize your memory bank and send it away to any person who will feed
On any information that we've allowed you to see
And on that clip we hope that clip gets you rich beyond your dreams
And when you're rollin in your fortune remember me
And what my partner did for you and what it's going to take to keep from happening to you.

No more speaking in tongues here is the deal
It's just a game we like to play to keep it real
It's just a feeling one would get from an adult pin up magazine
Now there are those who like to play just all alone
And there are those who like the company to keep it going
And so it starts to make sense, but there's no more that I can say

So ,(Chorus)

All you people, all you people ya'll gatha round
Listen up, listen up to our quirky sound
Our game is coming to an end
But just because we're done that doesn't mean you can't begin
And when you do choose a partner that will play be every rule.
No need to 4-some baby, 2, yes 2 will do
But if you feel the need to experiment
Except the consequences that come back to you.
Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah.. Bi-da do-do (repeat) Fade.

Lyrics Tracy A Gibson Music Tracv A Gibson , Mark S Gibson
Producer Gibsound Productions Inc. Performance Tracy Gibson, Mark Gibson
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