Everybody Needs Somebody

Song Description

Trying to work things out in a strained relationship

Song Length 3:51 Genre Blues - Modern, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject General Language English


Everybody Needs Somebody
by Cheryl Gross

Look out, theres something wrong
Just some things that dont last too long
Hold on, lets get it straight
You gotta move on and you just cant wait
What else can I do, it looks like everything is up to you
And I know, you know

Everybody, (everybody) needs somebody (needs somebody)
Everybody, (everybody) needs somebody
And I know

Before you leave this time, tell me everything thats on your mind
I know were not the same, everything gets rearranged
Take time to think it through, dont run away like you used to do
And I know, you know.

Everybody, (everybody) needs somebody (needs somebody)
Everybody, (everybody) needs somebody
And I know


I know, ( I know) you know ( you know)
Come on baby we can take it slow
You know, you know, you know

Everybody, (everybody) needs somebody
Oh yea, Oh yea,
Everybody, (everybody) needs somebody
And I know
Everybody, (ooh yea) needs somebody (you gotta know)
Oh yea,

Has a very 60's vibe to it and reminds me of some stuff by Quicksilver Messenger Service. nice soulful tune.

This song is a great song. The arrangement is nice. The vocals and Harmonies are very good. The instruments are also very good. It has a nice rhythm and the lyrics are very good also. I wish you the very best with your song!!!

well played by pros ..Song has that 70 80's sound ...I like that era ...

Reminded me of early Steely Dan in the verses
Definitely a grower....
Catchy chorus
Well done

the arrangement is good. instrumentation is very good. lyric hook is catchy.guitar is very nice on the bridge.

The blues riffs are genuine and the tone of the guitar is very authentic. I noticed immediately that I was able to appreciate the musicianship that went into the creation of the song. It reminds me a lot of the blues they play on WPR after hours. The vocals reminded me of a mixture between Johnny Lang and Journey (two very good artists) The guitars had a slight Santana feel which is also excellent.

Very nice! That's a nice tune, nice playing, great harmonies.

Very cool retro arrangement...it reminded me of songs from the late 50's and early 60's...this has a lot of rock and roll mixed in with early r&b...great vibe...the melodies were good...the chorus is very catchy and memorable...overall time of the song is commercial...with a few tweaks in the mix this has a lot of potential for movie/tv background

The kind of music that goes down well in many settings, I would say. Good solid playing/singing and some nice improvising.

I like the sound of the drums and the lead vocals as well. Kind of sounds like Bruce Springteen.

Reminds me of a group I used to listen to in the 70's called Redbone. Basically a good rock/pop tune with good lead vocals!

Great vocals , guitars, Really liked the flow of the song.

Love the hook...this song puts me in the frame of mind with beach boys and that genre of music. Very danceable!!!

I think this song has a lot of potential. The vocal melody is very catchy. It has its own Hall and Oates thing happening which can never be a bad thing.

what a hybrid of blues pop and rock within this track. nice style and has the likeable factor. liked the catchy chorus and the bluesy backing guitar, and solo

PRETTY COOL TOONE!--great one to do LIVE!--thanxs!--nj.

Nice rhythm and blues song. Good beat and well written.

Good version of this song.........very familiar sound......well put together.....

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