Anything She Wants

Song Length 4:08 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Ecstatic, On Cloud Nine Subject Love at First Sight, Girlfriend, Wife
Similar Artists Tim Mcgraw, Brooks & Dunn Language English
Era 2000 and later


she wore a cowboy hat with steel toe boots
an angel in disguise she was on the loose
two looks later and three stumbles back
I gathered my nerve and I planned my attack
she was shakin? off the pain of love gone wrong
sittin? at the bar drinkin? him gone
the more we talked the better I could see
she?d never been with a man who fulfilled her needs
and then the bartender came over said what?ll it be
what?ll the lady have and it all became clear to me

anything she wants true love true meaning of devotion
all the blue in the sky all the water in the ocean
hold her and keep her and tell her I need her
to make my life complete
make her feel loved feel special feel wanted and adored
give her gods green earth then go and give her some more
she can have anything she wants if she wants me

as we talked at the bar her tears turned to laughs
I put her hand in mine and asked her to dance
the moment was right the connection was strong
we got carried away like a george strait song
it was brand new love that started that night
I had the world when I held her tight
I found my woman and she found her man
it was time to make a lifetime of plans
and when I asked his permission for her hand
he said what?ll you give my daughter and I revealed my master plan



CHORUS (breakdown)

she can have anything she wants
she?s gonna get everything she wants
?cause she wants me
she wants me
she wants me

Lyrics Chris Tedesco Music Chris Tedesco
Producer The Ranchhands/Chris Tedesco Publisher Farmers Market Music
Performance The Ranchhands

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