Burst Open (Dance)

Story Behind The Song

Poetry you can dance to!

Song Length 5:41 Genre Rock - Psychedelic, Spoken Word - Poetry
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Energy, Hot, Fire, Heat
Similar Artists Frank Zappa, Steely Dan Language English
Era 2000 and later



Fly and ride sister trip,
Surf on the crest of the wave wall
Shoot down a hundred thousand miles an hour glide
Moan through the disembodied mourning of self-expression
Burst open: a morning-gold explosion of multi-colored sparks
Rays prismatic
Chromatic swoop of wings
Slow to a grind
Halt and pant on the floor.
Sweat dripping to your feet spin-
Swoon into the dharma blues again.

Lyrics Adam Gregory Pergament Music Venice Gas House Trolley
Producer Phil Kegley and Landon Arkins Publisher Flowpoetry
Performance Venice Gas House Trolley Label Flowpoetry Records
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