She's Got A Lot To Say

Song Length 3:35 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Indie/Low-Fi


She?s Got A Lot To Say

11th floor going down as fast as I can
Gotta get myself together to go back out again
Grab the money grab the whiskey back out the door
Back to the elevator baby 15th floor
She comes across as nice but she?s hidin? the price away

Late night strung out nothin? left to do
Gotta sneak around the corner grab a minute or two
Even a second away from your gaze
Never knew one night could last two days
She always thinks twice to tuck the price away

But you sure gotta lot to say to me now
You sure gotta lot to say
It just ain?t makin? sense to me now
I can see the set up right in front of my face

T-T-Telephone ringing at the break of dawn
Every moment I?m becoming more and more withdrawn
Tryin? everything I know to keep you away
But I knew there?d be a price to pay
Yeah, I love you too, but I can?t hang out today

Cause I know you gotta lot to say to me now
I know you gotta lot to say
It?s almost making? sense to me now
But I can?t see any way-ay-ay to escape

12th floor going up as fast as I can
When I bumped into you and your new man
You looked so much prettier than I recall
You backed me right up against the wall
And whispered baby doll you know you had your chance

Back at home lamenting all over you
Can?t think of much else better to do
When you are here I only want you out
When you?re out you?re all I think about
It?s the back and forth blues baby through and through

Cause I know you gotta lot to say to me now
I know you gotta lot to say
You really test my faith with this girl
I can see the setup but I just cannot escape

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