When I Believe

Story Behind The Song

Inspired by Frozen's "Let It Go"

Song Description

Full instrumental version is available upon request for Artists

Song Length 3:32 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Pop - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Sociable, Gracious Subject Dreams, Encouragement
Similar Artists Beyonce, Rihanna Language English


When I Believe

Verse 1
Everything is possible
Nothing is as hard
As it may seem
It may looks unattainable
But it all works out
For the best, you'll see

Pre-Chorus 1
Darkness you don't scare me anymore
I'm kicking down the walls exposing you
Brighter than the sun against the shore
I know I have the power over you

Yeah, when I believe
Nothing is impossible
And I can achieve
Everything I set my mind to
Because I believe
Everything is possible
And I will achieve
Everything you said I can't do

Verse 2
When I know what I can do
No one else can make me insecure
Standing up as tall as 6-foot 2
In this moment I'm so sure

-repeat pre-chorus-

-musical break-

Walls are tumbling down
In here
Light is pouring in
Washing over me
Because I believe

I believe
In you and me
I believe

-repeat chorus 2x-

Music FAT IQ MUSIC/Cindy S. Fong Producer FAT IQ MUSIC
Publisher FAT IQ MUSIC
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