Empire of Gath from "Empire Of Gath"

Song Description

Instrumental: Opens with a simple theme with several variations followed by a water cascading melody, then breaks into a brass like theme with alternating echos of alien strings followed by an incerdible war-like march. It ends with 3 dueling parts; not like anything heard here on earth.

Song Length 8:55 Genre Unique - General, Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Aggressive, Frenzied Subject Existence
Language Other

Nice thematic song. Sounds like a soundtrack for an epic type film. There are a couple of spots where the digital synths and really hard and not as professional sounding. But I love the concept and the flow with the changes and stops. Especially right about the 5:45 mark. It suggests a change of mood or situation. Just a little programming would make this a perfect theme background. The arpeggiated stuff right before the end sounded a little off timing wise, but that be intentional too. Great job!

I am always waiting for the words - lyrics, the poetry is what I do and know, I am not a musician. That said I thoroughly enjoyed this very strange piece of surprising sounds. A symphonic cacophony. There is a new sound around every corner. Drama, butterflies, Tinkerbell and Peter Pan, storm at sea, lost in the desert - you name it, a stirring orchestral feat.

sounds like elp..im a huge fan of progressive rock..the demure of Genesis..classical power of ELP..i understand it

THis song seems to go for the High Score!

Music Planet Gath Performance Unknown Alien artists

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