Angels Never Call

Story Behind The Song

Luck that's about as bad as it gets

Song Length 2:21 Genre Folk - Alternative
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Heartbreak train, I'd pay that freight on, to a place I'd never tell. Change my name I'd find that life out, stow away on Memphis Belle.

Angels they never call

There's a firelight on that corner, dim the thin light, pay that ghost. Pour my drink of black surrender, raise the bottle make a toast.

Angels they Never call

Turn the page and see the difference, lost face on a modern landslide, sail away into any dream but mine. Roll the bottom in a long distance sink, Better times, I'd better taste

Shattered lights out on the corner, hear the blind man sing that ode, tell it straight I knew my brother, but the sea's too rough to row.

Angels they never call

Lyrics Raj Chohan Music Raj Chohan
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