Story Behind The Song

After 30 years..all the energy still there...one of my favorite lyrics of great Uk born singer/song writer Jonathan Daniel who died in a moter cycle accident 20 years ago and left us too soon. RIP Jonathan. Sweet memories of 2000 people getting wild..main acts were always slightly worried when they heard this song during the sound check...some messed up our sound during the gig..haha those were the days..

Song Description

The song was appproved by Taxi for forwarding to music supervisor for exclusive use in USA reality TV series. Taxi comment: great forward, pushing, edgy !

Song Length 3:18 Genre Rock - Punk, Rock - Punk
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Infuriated, Enraged Subject Dysfunctional Relations, Relationship
Similar Artists The White Stripes, Deftones Language English
Era 1980 - 1989



Black eyes
Slain eyes
Deaths eyes
Cat's eyes
Claw love
I' am sure love, I don't know love
Broken glass would be a sweeter poison
You took me chew me and then you threw me
Let me lye like Garbo's gloves

I don't care if there's nothing inside you
I want you
I don't care if there's no one alive here
I want you
Well you're so protected with your steal appeal
You don't remember aluminum feel
You're blond and dead
Sweet as sweat because baby I know
You're wounded.

You ride around on your fast one seater
You sugar your hair because it should taste sweater
If I could find the words to lose you know I'd say
Allright, all the way
All the lines are lost while meaning to stay
Don't fight please stay

Watching the news played on the screen
You watch and you watch you don't know what it means
Ten seconds silence to pay the price
You wanna be the self sacrifice
You're blond and dead
Sweet as sweat because baby I know
You're wounded

(Words J.Daniel / Music: F.Cambach/Erwin de Ruiter)

Lyrics Jonathan Daniel Music Erwin de Ruiter/Frank Cambach
Producer Frank Cambach Performance The Speedtwins
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Clean Clean

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