Saturn Moves (Spur ft. ENDC)

Story Behind The Song

The story is that you get a great track for 99 cents and the artists get 80 cents: everyone wins!

Song Description

Dirty basslines, pulsing rock-guitar, funky tech elements and underwater breakbeats keep the floor interested over a super-solid house beat, with sparse vocal sections from ENDC -- a great pumper-upper!

Song Length 7:32 Genre Electronic - House


When Saturm Moves into view
You see me again and
Flashback to when we were
Young and cool
But the memory fades then
Comes back

You give me reasons
You give me time
Time to believe in the
Myriad of signs
Signs that could lead me
To all that I want
Signs that could lead me
To what I care about

(I can't believe all I'm feelin' now)

© 2004-2005 Nathan Carlton (ASCAP) Spurfect Publishing

Lyrics ENDC Music Spur ft. ENDC
Producer Spur Publisher Spurfect Publishing
Performance Nathan Carlton
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