Blues for Christmas

Story Behind The Song

It's hard to come up with an original idea for a holiday song but I was inspired to write this by the classic Christmas song "Santa Baby." As I am not particularly religious, the theme of gift giving reflects a more secular celebration of the season.

Song Description

Is a feeling or a communicable disease a good Christmas gift? Boyfriends take note- giving her the blues is NOT a good idea. Some better suggestions are contained in this wry, tongue-in-cheek song.

Song Length 5:22 Genre Blues - General, Jazz - Smooth Jazz
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Annoyed, Irritated Subject Holidays , Boyfriend, Husband
Similar Artists Eartha Kitt, Gwen Stefani Language English
Era 1950 - 1959


Blues for Christmas
Lyrics by Elly Wininger, Music by Elly Wininger & Stephen Miller

I've got a little problem with the gifts that you give.
I'll never understand them as long as I live.
Like the check at the restaurant, the tab at the bar,
And the six parking tickets when you borrowed my car
And then there was the time you gave me the flu
But the worst was when for Christmas, you gave me the blues.

No wrapping, no ribbons, no cute little card.
Just a kiss and some excuses that caught me off guard.
Next time you shop for presents, just let me choose
A nice piece of jewelry, a new pair of shoes,
A two week vacation- now that's something I could use
But baby don't go giving me... any more blues.

You gave me the blues. Thanks a lot.
What were you thinking? Apparently not.
Don't come around here spreading bad news
Or next year for Christmas...I might give you the blues.

So I'm sitting out the holidays, at least for this year
And if a gift wrapped package at my door should appear
I'm gonna be real careful if it's coming from you
'Cause I remember the Christmas... when you give me the blues.

Lyrics Elly Wininger Music Elly Wininger, Stephen Miller
Producer Elly Wininger Publisher Mestengo Music / BMI
Performance Elly Wininger: Vocal Stephen Miller: Guitar Lou Pappas: Bass Jason Miller: Trombone Label Earwig Music, Inc.

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