Heal Through Us (Freedom)

Song Length 3:49 Genre Pop - Religious
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Language English


Heal Through Us - Elisabeth Genco
Luke 5:17

The presence of the Lord is here to once again heal
The lame rise and walk again and blinded eyes now see
The captives who were once bound are now at liberty

chorus for the power that raised our Lord Jesus Christ
dwells here inside of us
And by the power of Your infinite grace
O Lord, we're asking - please heal

interlude heal through us

As we're guided by your Spirit, we feel your gentle touch
showing love and mercy - forgiveness - now flows through us
By the power of your presence, Lord, heal through us


heal through us - Lord, we're asking - heal through us

chorus (2x)

Please heal - Lord, we're asking
please heal - Heal through us

Lyrics Elisabeth L. Genco Music Jeff Moxcey, Germain R. Brunet
Producer Elisabeth L. Genco Publisher Tapestry of Praise Music Co., Circle of Return Music, Germain Brunet
Performance Elisabeth L. Genco
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