Falling For You

Song Length 3:14 Genre Rock - General



It?s dark, and the moon is on my side
From the start, I was hoping that you?d see mine
Didn?t know what to say or know what to do
Didn?t mean to start fallin?, fallin? for you

It?s late, but not so late that I?d notice
Hey wait, are you gonna go without that first kiss?
You turn away but your vision stays true
And the pain in my brain means I?m fallin? for you

Did you think I would cave in, did you think I would run
It was you that I gave into, did you think I would come?

It?s time for me to pick up all my winnings
You?re mine, and you?ve been from the beginning
I don?t care what they say, don?t care what they do
?Cause I just can?t help fallin?, fallin? for you
Copyright © Ed Wake 2004.

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Producer ED WAKE
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