Song Description

A song about a reckless and irresponsible cowboy and an irresistible attraction a widowed single mother has towards him... and about a brother in law who makes good after being a coward at first

Song Length 2:56 Genre Country - Americana, Folk - Country
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Similar Artists Garth Brooks Language English


He rode into town with a lathered horse a shakin'
The steam rose off his weathered leather leggin's
His spurs a been used those last miles he was makin'
Barely missed the widow Barnes pushing her baby by seconds

But the cowboy catches her eye
With that desperate need to run
And I'll be damned if I know why
He's like starin' straight at the sun
He's the call of the thing that drives her outta her mind

Through the swinging' doors his bloody spurs a jinglin'
She was right behind, put that baby with Lord knows who
He drank and took her hand, she went up with him a singin'
The likes of me we cleared a path when that cowboy was through

And the cowboy rides away
Leavin' 'Daddy's gone' behind
And he'll always be that way
Ridin' hard out there to find
The call of the thing that drives him outta his mind

But it doesn't have to be that way
Your horse can be your best friend
She can bring you home when your eyesight fails
And the snows come in and the moon is black
And the only thing to bring you back is her there

There face down in a meadow laid with frost
He spurs no more that horse she give out
Smokey barrel draw a tad slow and he lost
I did my brother Barnes' job and I left no doubt

And that cowboy sure had his day
Tearin' horse flesh and lovin' none
But the right will have its way
And a rambler will run outta the run
There comes an end for all things under the sun

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Clean Clean

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