Song Length 2:47 Genre R & B - Soul, Jazz - Lounge


© Ed Verner 2011

There's a flavor on my tongue
Of the long thin line of smoke
Blowing away
And the telephone has done
All it can to bridge this run
You're runnin' away
So I call it a day

The sun it falls in
The pond of sand
That's in my hand

Would you believe it if I said
How I knew this day would come
Just didn't know when
But I'm proud I banged my head
Against the wall of things between
What might have been
Now we are what might have been

The sun it falls in
The pond of sand
That stands between us now

The hourglass is the same
It's we that change
Swirling down and down
We go 'round and 'round
And I'm upside down
As you fly 'round town
And I run aground
And we all go down

If you want to find me now
After all this sand fell down
And it took this ship down
And if you want another round
Flip the hourglass

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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