Bad Place For A Heart

Song Length 6:03 Genre Folk - Country, Country - Americana


Bad Place For a Heart
Ed Verner © 2012

Across the bar she sits and waits
For a man she's come to hate
Not far away he's in his car
Headed for some other cross town bar
I saw her sitting there
It simply isn't fair

That's a bad place for a heart
You're gonna see it fall apart
Why don't you let me take you home
We don't have to do no more
And I can sleep out on the floor
And if you want to you can close the door

On Christmas morning she sits all alone
She held back the tears 'till she got off the phone
He and kids they all said 'hello'
Their marriage died a year ago
Her brown eyes were aflame
I never knew her name


I guess that I could go on
But you don't seem to need anyone
I guess with you I was wrong
She said 'my friend your face is long'
And then she said to me
And then she said to me


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