Anywhere Waltz

Song Length 4:58 Genre Folk - Country
Similar Artists Dan Fogelberg, Neil Diamond


Anywhere Waltz
Ed Verner © 2012

I love to find you there
That lonely place inside my heart
It can happen to me anywhere
No matter that we're apart
And the breeze that blows through me
Carries off the doubts that arise
In your heart you're true to me
Your love for me is in your eyes

Oh the hammock and the moon and the gentle swing
Bring you to me changing everything
I hope it is you in each telephone ring
And for me your soul is just opening
And the guitar is laid on my chest so bare
And my mind recalls the scent you wear
And my fingers still caress your hair
And now my heart can find you anywhere

We are both alone tonight
With our others right beside
In this lonely life we fight
To keep our love deep inside
I never break a date with you
To meet on channel B
There's nothing anyone can do
To take that time away from me

Thank you for the gift of you
Hidden treasure deep inside
I know you through and through
I love you beyond my pride
Knowing we're both alone this way
Trapped by the work of these years
It is a truth neither will say
But on channel B at last someone hears

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Clean Clean

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