scenes from a cafe

Song Description

existential angst about the world in a coffe cup

Song Length 4:00 Genre Country - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English


hot coffe, newspapaper, got to keep up on the times. fresh pen and a blank paper, people walking by
hey lady, why dont you tell him before you take a sip from his zinfindel? hey mister, special order, you can go to hell.

well its all too clear, the language that we speak is not always spoken, well its all too clear, were all a litlle broken.

cliches from an old movie, boy meets girl with a side of fries, well the plot thickens and the waitress starts flirting, someone always always dies.

hey lady wheres your boyfriend?, I see you siiting there smoking up a storm, table in the corner's good for converstaion, good to be alone.

todo el mundo en un cafe, tragica la verdad, te esperamos la proxima vez, en escenas de un cafe.


Lyrics elliott carlson botero Music elliott carlson botero
Producer elliott carlson botero
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