Mary jane

Story Behind The Song

We had a session know........We just had a session

Song Description

A dramatization on how BigChris started smokin pot and the way it has affected our lives

Song Length 5:00 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rock - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Nonviolent, Annoyed Subject Pot, Relationship
Language English Era 2000 and later


I go out with Mary Jane
I met her by the ocean
while other kids would play
me & mary would be smokin
She's been mine since 17
her every breath's my magic potion
she brings me to my knees
I kiss her & start chokin

Verse (BigChris)
It was a cloudy afternoon when I was walkin home from school
I met an old man & he asked me where I'm goin
I said I'm walkin to the beach
there was a girl I had to meet
it's 4:19 Im runnin late
I must be goin
He asked me if I need a ride
but wait 1 minute come inside
I got in to his car and that's when it all started
he blew some smoke into my eys
that's when I finaly realized
I checked the time i was so high it was 4:20


Verse (Twin)
Gott Damn,soon as i got in
Now I'm a high Twin
They came to scoop a nigga
feels like I just went out and looped a lidda
They Speakin and they talkin 'bout somebody who
Get it Crackin and knows how to get down with the E-D-U
Fellas Flyin they high and i think they liein' tellin' me they cool
drownin' they eyes with visine
But you know me
the capito T, I win Bebe
When BigChris call I'm in bebe
\All up in the vehicle I'm here we go
I'm like now that I found a new friend I found that
I'm Twin, how do you do?
and I love you too
When can we get together just me and you
Gott damn, soon as I got in
Now I'm a high Twin


Verse (Electric E.)

Lyrics BigChris, Nil-Z, Twin, Electric E. Music BigChris, Nil-z
Producer BigChris Publisher Moodswinger Publishing
Performance BigChris Featuring, Label Moodswing Records
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