Turn Me Loose - Cherry L

Story Behind The Song

After countless times of being nagged he lets her know that she is the one that is irreplaceable and he is stepping out This track from the island of ST.LUCIA is an anthem for the men on the island with troublesome girlfriends

Song Description

This track is a song about a man who is tired of his nagging companion asking to be TURNED LOOSE and LET OUT OF the relationship, Has an updated reggae sound with touches of hip hop.

Song Length 3:13 Genre World - Reggae/Carribean, Rap - West Coast
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Irritated, Beside Yourself Subject Breaking Up, Fight
Similar Artists Shaggy, Bob Marley And The Wailers Era 2000 and later


Turn Me Loose - Cherry L

Nelson Serieux & Sherwinn Brice


Gimme Ma Gun's,Gimme Ma Spliffs

Gimme Ma Nike Gear,Gimme Ma Shirt

Gimme Ma Pants,I'm Outta Here

Gimme Ma Chains,Gimme Ma Rings

Gimme Ma Underwear,Gimme Ma Heart

Gimme Ma Life,Ya Never Cared


Verse 1

Me Pon the street there a hustle when push come to shove me a put in that muscle

But you think everynight me gone a road with another girl

You only start to nag and fight and cause trouble ... (Ya friends them)

Hate me cuz they say that im a bad boy Cuz you a up town girl and I'm a yard boiy

You Shoulda look before you leap but now you destroyed

So now im taking back the happiness we had "WOYE"


Verse 2

Stop blowing up my phone, its time to leave me alone

Dont try to express the love you never showed so now your out of the bad boy zone

Coulda beg coulda pleas coulda cry (you shouldnt do me that)

Left pon the side with all ya pride shoulda know say a ruby that

All a the kissing and caressing girl me thru with that

Delete my number never ever ever call me back (never ever)





Nike Gear



I'm Outta Here






You Never Cared

Lyrics Sherwinn Brice & Nelson Serieux Music Sherwinn Brice
Producer Sherwinn Dupes BRice Performance Cherry L
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