Hard Lessons From A Looking Glass

Story Behind The Song

This is a song about someone who just can't seem to learn from their mistakes. They keep falling into the same patterns they promised they'd get themselves out of, and when they look them selves in the mirror it's not a pretty sight. This is about pride, and shame, and regret, and the reminder that you're the one that has to live with yourself.

Song Description

A driving country-rock ballad. Guitar heavy, with warm B3 organ fills and tight Alabama-esque harmonies.

Song Length 3:11 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Disconcerted, Troubled Subject Regret, Pride
Similar Artists Miranda Lambert, Steve Earle Language English
Era 2000 and later


So I saw you look my way,
in the chaos from the other day
And I don't think that you liked who was looking back
it's just a hard lesson from a looking glass

You'd held your pride, but not her hand
Fought to win, but not to understand
so with her trust left shattered in the aftermath,
Its just a hard lesson from a looking glass
Such a hard lesson from a looking glass

You made a promise that your heart was true,
and you meant it when you said "I do"
but the glowing image whispers heart attacks
and it's a hard lesson from a looking glass
another hard lesson from a looking glass

And it's what you always do
The thing that you ran from,
is now what you're running to
you're so inside out and upside down,
that you wonder if you'll ever get you back

So here you are once again,
the very model of a broken man
You better figure this out, boy
while there's still a chance
to heed the hard lesson from a looking glass
it's just a hard lesson from a looking glass
you need a hard lesson from a looking glass
just a hard lesson from a looking glass

I really like the lead vocals and the lead and rhythm guitars - very cool sounding drums as well. Reminds me a little of Jason Aldean.

Heck! Put this song up against any of the country tunes on the mainstream radio rotation. Start it in the top 100 and it will climb the charts and bring back real music. I don't even want to label it as country. It flat out rocks. That sprightly guitar is fantastic. The lead vocal with the locked on harmony vocal is powerful. There is a revolution in America of good vs evil. This song can help lead the charge. Real and honest music is desperately needed...with strength from the heart like this to begin bringing our young people back down to earth and out of hellish sounds they are addicted to now.

A good up tempo rock country track .
Passionate vocal performance and energy which is good to hear there's enough spit and polish to give it a edge that makes it stand out. The arrangement is great too
Very good performance . The production recording is top notch

Lyrics Drew Hale Music Drew Hale
Producer Mat Prock of Area 44 Music
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Scott Tingley Phase 111 4/27/2017

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