Goin Away

Song Length 3:20 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - General
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Duet Male
Mood Relaxed


The one who just left
wasn't ever really right
she gets tossed around the rumor mill
and I'm so tired of the same old song

TV man talkin on the idiot box
sayin yassars out of guns
so he started throwin rocks
we're marchin
and the drummer plays on

Hey alright !
I feel so good tonight
before I couldn't find a reason or a rhyme
but you came upon me just in time
find yourself a man that you will understand
and you can paint pictures of heavenly bliss
tender and true sealed with a kiss

mmm mmmmm

story in the paper
that I didn't want to read
about suits makin tires
out of money and greed
its so sad will it ever end
all the old widows livin on my street
sat at hone every night and watch TV
thier so good but they aint thru

its ok
you can come on out and play
and we'll paint pictures of heavenly bliss
tender and true just like this
find yourself someone
and dance naked in the sun
let your emotions go wild and free
thats the way this life should be

ooh yeah we're goin away

American dream seems so unreal
everybody wants to cut a shakey deal
and it happens everyday
let's lock up the rifles
and put away the guns
look at the handy work we have done
we're goin away

repeat chorus

we're goin away
goin away
goin away

Lyrics drew bolsega Music drew bolsega
Performance drew bolsega - cakewalk 2000
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