Song Length 3:02 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Mood Restless, Sociable
Subject Searching for Love, Attracted, Crush Similar Artists R. Kelly, Eminem
Language English Era 2000 and later



Chorus (Staze)

Lookin? for a lady I just can?t find
And I think I?m gonna give in, I get so tired of tryin.
Yeah, whoa?
Then I saw your body, you dress so fine.
And a mind I know you got it so let?s unwind, I?ll try it.
Yeah, whoa.

Verse 1 (Brett Richey)

hold up a second
when i st-st-stutter and i hold my breath in
raw dawg all a y'all talking no protection
no one's guessing next one in your direction
we on the road baby get that gone
and we don't even give a fuck if we don't get back home
you can either live it up or you can get that grown
a grown man with no plan think i can handle it all
oh no what's that no you didn't
living in between the lines is the only difference
no remorse i'm going for no beginning
time out rhyme bout is a no decision
haa, i was only kidding
so be sure to lock the door in if you going in with him
HEY! i said i'm talking to you
so get over here baby i got nothing to lose


Verse 2 (Brett Richey)

when i see her wanna relapse she has
everything that i been dreaming of breathe fast
we last baby get it together
she laughs in a way like she saying whatever
please baby won't you spend that night
i get it back i get popping til the end in sight
she won't let me slide so we keep on trying
it's the two of us together til we get it right
baby i know what i'm doing
i ain't trippin i'm just tryin to get in tune with
so, if you listen to the music
move your body to the rhythm and then lose it
or maybe i can lose you
who's who when a girlfriend wanna try and do two
move through, and i'll call you tomorrow
i'm gonna hit the club so i can pick up a bottle


Verse 3 (Brett Richey)

i like the way you like the way i move
i'm off the handle i'm bananas i got nothing to prove
look for something to do
so if you can dance i'm here baby tryin to get in your pants
i like you and i like me
white tee stop tripping off what i might be
you need to get with the flow i know i said it before
i ain't nagging im just letting you know
and i ain't braggin when i get it and go
you need to get next to me when i'm letting it roll
baby you should let me ride
no tears don't cry when i step inside
make your mind now girl or move over
besides we need a ride to the back who's sober
not me and certainly not you
so let's have another drink while we figure what to do

Lyrics Brett Richey, David Stasiak Music David Stasiak
Producer David Stasiak Performance Brett Richey, David Stasiak
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