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?KTU,? named after New York?s dance radio station, features a pounding house beat as a backdrop to Staze's Daft Punk-esque vocals and Nkozi and Brett Richey's energetic flow

Song Length 3:43 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Electronic - Dance
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Sociable Subject Party, Dance
Similar Artists Daft Punk, Gym Class Heroes Language English
Era 2000 and later


Verse 1 (Nkozi):
The brew I'm sippin' on special like Friday night,
used to be...people like to bolt and stop and freeze,
Strobe lights all night. Henny, no rocks, but the vibe is ice,
Feelin nice, gotta make a sacrifice
See the girl feelin me but the man is hype.
Ladylike, one in a million,
way I'm feelin, more like one in a billion
I'm willin, to step off, and pass that up.
What's really meant for you gon' come back to you.
But I'm playin' it cool, I hop on a stool and spin it around.
Make it hot like Spring Break in Cancun.
As I try not to look, shorty move on my rook,
Eye of the Tiger, make a fella act shook.
Finish my glass, and take a last look,
God Damn, shorty ya damn crook.

Chorus (Staze:
Pop another bottle and I?m feelin? alright
Gonna keep it flowin? till the end of the night
I feel alive, you know I?m
Takin? it back and do it one more time,
Lookin for the girl that?ll give me the light.
I get so high, around you.
And since we?ve come this far,
I guess that we?ll be ready.
Cuz I know you want to.
I knew it from the start,
So come on and get it, oh yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Verse 2 (Brett Richey):
now that you're up am i making it clear
dream/clone brett richey to the end of the year
to the top of the chart to the end of the line
i ain't the only one forgetting my mind
time to relax then it's time to unwind
rehab, relapse, yeah i'm doing fine
yeah i'm doing great
talking to another gettin into outer space
and it's been about a day
the journey if you're burning if you really run away
and if you're into something new
i can make you feel better what you gotta do
play another rap and a techno hit
we put it all together like a lego brick
go and get your girl and i'll get my chick
everybody do it if you get my drift


Verse 3 (Brett Richey):
gettin it off and the music playin
time to take another when the room is fading
one pill two pill who's complaining
take 'em both if you can take it
when there's morphine to do then i morph into you
revelations there'll be more on the news
how could four be in two
can't find yourself if you weren't being true
for the people talk about the curve
or nerve when you know i walk around those words
for the times when the words get slurred
i reverse, still hope everybody heard
now that everybody's gone
you can find your own meaning to the ending of the song
and if everybody like
you can play it back again man you gotta get it right


Lyrics Brett Richey, David Stasiak, Bobzie Tiewul Music David Stasiak
Producer David Stasiak Performance Brett Richey, David Stasiak, Bobzie Tiewul
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