Get Amped (Radio Edit)

Song Description

raucous pump-up song featuring a catchy chanted hook and a symphonic hip hop beat

Song Length 3:34 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Aggressive, Delighted Subject Energy, Excitement
Similar Artists 2Pac, 50 Cent Era 2000 and later


Get Amped

Nkozi: Dream/Clone
Staze: It?s time to man up
Nkozi: Xen Squad in the house like Whoa
Staze: Here we go now
Nkozi: Whatup
Staze: Throw your hands up
Nkozi: Yeah!
Staze: Let?s go!

Chorus x 2
Get amped up, throw your hands up!
If you get locked down, come up out them handcuffs!
If you get caught up, then stand tough!
Man up, when you think you wanna talk about us!

Verse 1 (Staze)
Get up, stand up, we about to get it crazy,
I touch the phone, tell the world they ?bout to see we made it
Too long I?ve waited, now we buildin? it up
Now after bein? underrated, now we feelin? the rush
The touch, it comes too soon, no room to shake it up.
Everyone that love us now say they never hated us.
I know they lyin? so I kick ?em while they down dyin?
They ride the pine while they look up at me flyin?
Pass the cup, double up and we?ll be rollin?
Side by side, rockin? genny like they stolen.
When we come, bringin? chills to everyone,
The sun starts to fade, sleepin? while we get it done,
Hit the switch, takin? off, we got ignition.
Listen close, now, you?ll hear the script flippin?
Still tippin?, when I get to the top,
And when they try to drag us down, no they never see us drop.

Chorus x 2

Verse 2 (Nkozi)
From Alpha to Omega I?m rated as Darth Vader
Forever genesis, more graphic than Sega.
Haters approach me, closely, oh so phoney.
See ?em comin? up but still provoke me.
You?ll never ever ever be as clever as foreva
Got my heart on a baretta, keep a (expl. deleted) thinkin? never
But I do see, but you don?t see me?
I cut you PT when I drop my CD
Easy, you got dice on your chest.
Guess you?re not so phenomenal.
Look around the table, knock ?em down like they were dominoes
(expl. deleted) it, it?s karma though, this ones for Africans, reppin from Ghana, so
I?m perfect like a circle, but add another ?O?.
You?re dealin with Foreva, ya?ll (expl. deleted) better know.
Not then, not now, no how, no never.
You can die now, cuz I am Foreva.

Bridge (Staze)
Everyone shake it up!
Everyone shake it up!
Everyone shake it up!
Everyone shake it up!
Everyone shake it up!
Everyone shake it up!

Let?s go!

Chorus x 2

you wanna talk about a change of plans
we offstage while the people out there waving their hands
and when they ask what the hell do you think
i had to stop at the store for an energy drink
double X L and i'm doing just swell
exhale inhale now i'm ready you can tell
we drink syrup remix lyrics
turn the bass down until the beat gets clearer
rhymes tight i shine bright
hindsight 20-20 you got (drug ref. deleted) right
she didn't like me at all you should've left me alone
i sing along cause i feel like i'm home
i mean i feel like i'm winning
i'm really losing at the same time but i'm still grinning
to tell the truth i don't think you really get it
get 'em girl see the world and go back to the beginning

Chorus x 2

Nzoki: Dream/Clone
Staze: Xen Squad
Nkozi: Foreva.

Lyrics David Stasiak, Bobzie Tiewul, Brett Richey Music David Stasiak
Producer David Stasiak Performance David Stasiak, Bobzie Tiewul, Brett Richey
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