Song Description

"Back2Back," a jazz-laced rap song featuring a sweet piano melody and an addictive chorus, describes an unstable relationship and attempts to reconcile it.

Song Length 4:04 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Diplomatic Subject Dysfunctional Relations, Making Up
Similar Artists Gym Class Heroes, Black Eyed Peas Language English
Era 2000 and later


Chorus (Staze):
When I come around sometimes,
I cross the line, but justified.
You just turn the other way, yeah.
I know you?re feelin? my affection,
But we?re losin? our connection.
We?ll find another way.

Verse 1 (Nkozi):
Three weeks, two days, a couple hours since I last kissed you,
I know you're cheatin', but I still miss you
I kinda wish you, came clean, and touch the issue
If I catch you I'm a dead you but you know I'll never let you go,
Oh, no, why you do me foul?
But I never sweat a chick, that's not my style.
Scandalous smile, funny style, no more rocks for you now
Get your cell phone roam, and now I'm trackin you down
I'm in the whip, sippin liqs and just guzzle em down,
When this cat from outta town brought your shady ass around.
You on that Jimmy Snookah shit, try to play the hooka quick,
face like sugar, bit, I admit, you acted very innocent, boo
It's not you, why you frontin brand new?
like you not the college chick with tattoos and tennis shoes.
Get smart, your running with fools, I know you're not like them.
I see it in your eyes, you're Park Ave might and Dykeman.


Verse 2 (Brett Richey):
you know i like the way you dance with me girl
you wanna get right forget life got plans for the world
well i got plans for the night so when the candle is light
you gotta mind your own style if you handle it right
there ain't a phantom in sight so i'm a damage the mic
she ran away cause her man didn't write
i said her man did her wrong so while i handle the song
she keep talking how we can't get along it's like
right or wrong i get on
and she trippin girl flippin wanna leave me at home
she wanna hang me to dry i
feel exhilarated though i never close my eyes
but she could never leave it at that
and now she calling me a liar can't believe that i rap
i said you should feel the speakers in back
it's that back to back dream/clone try to react


Verse 3 (Staze):
When I get on the track, you know I'll make you sweat
and baby if I take ya back, you?ll leave without forgettin?
Come a little closer, I?m bettin? you won?t regret it,
Just let it, take hold, you got the feelin? now I?ma get it.
I set it off, let it all, wait until I?m finished,
When my senses return, the feelin won?t diminish.
Gotta sinister side I only show you if I?m lit up,
Get up, you the only girl that I don?t want to get rid of.
I miss the thrill of, the real love, you givin? me back the phone,
Play for a bit, and like that, you?re gone.
Don?t even know quite how you, got me stringin along,
Even wrote a song about you.
Without you, I never know if I?ve been wastin? my time
Down two, come back but now I?m waitin? in line.
So if you wanna ride, leave you baggage behind,
Bodies align, and do it one more time.

Whoa, Whoa, Yeah.

Outro (Staze):
You say you want me girl, won?t let me in your world.
You should have told me that you?re on your own.
You can?t make up your mind, don?t wanna stay the night.
You?re gonna miss me when you?re all alone, oh yeah-yeah.
Whoa, yeah-yeah. Whoa, yeah-yeah. Whoa, Whoa yeah.

Lyrics Brett Richey, David Stasiak, Bobzie Tiewul Music David Stasiak
Producer David Stasiak Performance Brett Richey, David Stasiak, Bobzie Tiewul
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