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Sinister Staze beat with rapid-fire doomsday lyrics from Brett Richey

Song Length 3:23 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - Alternative
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Gloomy, Frenetic Subject Darkness, Doom
Similar Artists Eminem, Outkast Language English
Era 2000 and later


Verse 1 (Brett Richey)
i?m coming out hard of the gate / spitting fast kicking raps that y?all couldn?t break
they said I couldn?t switch up the flow but I did / and I?m never freestyling what I wrote with a pen
I bottle my emotions mean I?m holding them in / and you should never tell me that I won?t win again
Cause I win everything that I set my mind to / if you forget it you can press rewiind too
Matter of fact I?m just hating rap / yo im just playing around I ain?t saying that
In only half a verse I create a gap / from me and every other rapper remaining wack
When I flow I don?t control my tongue / and I?m shaking so bad I can?t roll my blunt
Still I?m looking for a girl who can hold my gun / but she backing away man she know enough
So if you out there looking for love / but always ending up only looking to cut
Or he saying he a lawyer but he pushing the stuff / forget it and move on damn you women are tough
Can?t please all ?em all the time / but I?m the babe ruth of rap so I call my rhyme
Then I call my shot now can you fall in line / and im not up in your grill why you all in mine
Now I?m about done with this / and you know that im not about dumb business
If you wanna see the illest flow that you?ve ever seen its going on now so come witness

CHORUS (Staze)

Better run hide cause you know we coming for ya
Don?t mind taking life and we bringing horror
Dark sky know that I cause apocalypse
So you will die when the cataclysm hits

Verse 2 (Brett Richey)
Still coming out hard of the gate / I?m sinister with a ball and an eight
That y?all couldn?t break see us coming / we cold so we love nothing
Up all night I?m a vampire / always with the white girl I?m a stand by her
Try another one when she talking back / but you know I can?t hear cause I?m lost in rap
Can?t stop doing evil acts / from the paint on the arm to the needle tracks
I guess some of this is the reason that / when you look into my eyes you ain?t breathing back
Walk into church burn the bible / are they gonna take me into your asylum
Crazy in the head I deserve the violence / god ripped out my tongue so I?d serve in silence
But I can?t I gotta spread disease / through lyrical plague that I?m leveraging
Chopping up the body for the recipe / don?t you understand that she never sleeps
Woke up went to heavens gate / but the doors were closed so they let him wait
Wasn?t having that so I set him straight / said you?re wanted down below that?s a heavy weight
Got down was chilling in hades / forgot about the heat like a million and eighty
Better protect all your women and babies / inherit the earth guess the children?ll save me
Guess not cause I can?t be saved / look at the life that a plan b made
Whatever let?s do it again / ya getting at me and I ruin it with a pen

CHORUS (Staze)

Verse 3 (Brett Richey)
I?m a play with my chemistry set / way I?m flowing on the mic ain?t no enemies left
Cause I blew ?em all up ya better respect / hold the mic like a knife yo I?m ready who next
If its you then you better back off / rap soft laughed off drama deaded that?s all
Pass on when you see me cause you know my tongue?ll twist / dumping you for me saying I?m in love with him
Thirteen went to wal-mart what is this / bought a cd clerk said want a gun with this
If you take it shoot it but I hope youre gonna miss / story for the day whatever man I?m done with this
But I?m back took a hiatus / not critical enough better try hating
Waiting on respect think I?ll die waiting / but never getting love testing my patience
Flip the script everyday of the week / and I don?t know but what you?re saying is weak
If you come back and you play me a beat / and it ain?t fire then ya wasting your t
By t I mean time and I need a mean rhyme / always shaking so bad saying he don?t need lines
But It?ll be mine and the industry mine / always hanging out with people man that need to be high
Give a mean eye better turn ya gaze / when I?m on the mic I start turning graves
Had a good life that I burned away / no more class here?s what we?ll learn today
The white girl ripped me I lost my soul / just one of the many on the stop and go
But I got over it man I blocked my nose / and I?m doing for myself so I?m on my own

CHORUS (Staze)

Lyrics Brett Richey, David Stasiak Music David Stasiak
Producer David Stasiak Performance Brett Richey, David Stasiak
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