Song Length 3:19 Genre Classical - Romantic, Classical - Classical
Mood Enchanting, Poignant Subject Falling in Love, Love at First Sight
Language No Language Era 2000 and later

Very great song ..well put together and played marvelously ..great job it couldn't sound any better than it does .. fantastic

What a really lovely piece of music, so touching and heart calling, I fell in love with from the first few notes. Truly beautiful. Well done!!

The minor chords give this a melancholy feel which is why I chose Faded Rose for the title...You are a virtuoso on the piano. Your emotions are transferred through your fingers to the keys...wonderful arrangement...this gives a music supervisor a lot to choose from...I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it from beginning to end...beautiful lilting melodies...

Pretty piano piece. Very dynamic, which is very important for these types of compositions. I enjoy the changes and the way the song flowed.

Quite tasty piano and patience and poise to this piece. Yes, classical/romantic is the correct category...i REALLY like this, the variations on the theme are very well constructed. You obviously know what you're doing! Obvious placement possibilities for sure.

Music Douglas Amell Producer Douglas Amell
Publisher Independent Performance Douglas Amell
Label Independent
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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