Ahead Of You

Story Behind The Song

Watching reality shows where people had to compete all the time, it got me to thinking about how a strong ego (while causing us problems in other areas)is so important as we constantly strive to be the best.

Song Description

Dedicated to people who have to compete all the time (from younger brothers trying to compete with older brothers to athletes), and the killer instinct and sense of perseverance required to be successful.

Song Length 3:53 Genre Rock - New Wave, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Exultant, Stressed Subject General, Pride
Similar Artists The Killers, The New Pornographers Language English
Era 2000 and later


I look back to see you closing in, the distance shrinking
You'd love to leave me in your dust, and get me thinking,
I'll never have what it takes, to be your equal,
But you couldn't be more wrong, you couldn't, you couldn't.

Make no mistake, I'll do what it takes,
To keep ahead of you.
You can try all you want, I'll stay nonchalant
As I keep ahead of you.

You get close to look me in the eye, to keep me wary,
I see behind the games you play, they don't scare me.
You underestimate the fire I have inside me.
So you shouldn't feel so sure, you shouldn't, you shouldn't.


The days when you'd berate me,
And humiliate me,
Are only distant memories,
And never coming back
Don't try to impede me,
I won't let you exceed me,
You're never gonna beat me,
Accept that as a fact

(I'm on fire, nothing's gonna slow me,
There ain't nothing you could ever show me,
To make me think I shouldn't be ahead of you.
You can't catch me, nothing's gonna stop me,
Just sit down, you might as well watch me,
I'm forever gonna be ahead of you.)

Great groove. Nice Vox too. Catchy vocal hook

First impressions were that I was listening to an 80's song (not a bad thing). For me this is quite innovative and thought the lyrics were strong and well though out. Loved the background vocals. Enjoyed it more the second time.

Lyrics Doug Amell Music Doug Amell
Producer Doug Amell, mixed by Protilius Productions Publisher Independent
Performance Doug Amell Label Independent
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