Goin Nowhere Fast

Song Length 3:27 Genre Country - General, Country - Contemporary


"Goin Nowhere Fast"
(c) 2002, Bush/Procunier

Verse 1
Alarm clock rings and I fly outta bed
Hop in the shower try to clear my head
The kids are screamin as I read the morning news

The milk got spilled and the toast is black
I?m late again, gotta get on track
Get a fast kiss on my way to be abused

In a hurry up world with a hurry up pace
Gotta get through another hurry up day
I want to slow down, not move so fast

But things keep movin' so I gotta go
No kickin' back or movin' too slow
Wish I had the time to just relax

.....I'm Goin nowhere fast

Verse 2
Clock out at six but my day aint done
No slowin down cause I'm still on the run
Got dinner plans and a meeting with the PTA

Every day's the same, it's a constant grind
The faster I go, the more I get behind
Does it ever slow down, must it be this way

In a fast paced world that?s the way it is
When your payin bills and raisin kids
I gotta hold on tight so I can live

Lyrics Mike Bush / Don Procunier Music Mike Bush / Don Procunier
Producer Mike Bush
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