Song Length 3:33 Genre Pop - Rock


Can't you see me in the ocean
Changes in the way i'm breathing
Over and over is wasting time
I just don't know where to go
jr still has a place to hide

Pre Chrous:
Do you feel that you want to offend me
Do you feel that you want to accept me

Things to do
I've got my mind on my things to do
I've got things to do

Can't you see me i'm in motion
You should change the way you're thinking
Over the soldier he's raising it high
I just don't know who to show
I bet he had a smile when he died

Pre Chorus:

Can't you see me in the ocean
Let me float I think i'm dreaming
Another year already here
I still can't tell who to know
I'm just hangin on to the slide


Lyrics Jimmy Maler Music Jimmy Maler
Producer Mike Brown / Jimmy Maler Performance Dizzy Park
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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