Human Construct

Story Behind The Song

The human condition...

Song Length 2:38 Genre Rap - Alternative, Rap - Progressive
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Duet Male
Mood Outraged, Enraged Subject World, Philosophy
Language English Era 2000 and later


Verse One (Stark Love)

Speaking of being
Believing, believe me
Listen, we're all victims of this human condition
And that's it man
There's not much else to it
We only know ourselves
So ourselves get confused at what the truth is
Look out for self so we treat each other ruthless
Paths of the mind get rationalized
But it's fruitless
Cause in the end each man is an island
My memories are mine and you can never be where I've been
My mind justifies sins committed on behalf of myself
And so does yours
And so does everyone else
Now put seven billion minds on a rock
And you can justify a lot
I'm just surprised by how spineless we've got
Real talk
From one of many drops in a deep sea
It's not like I'm perfect
It's not like it's beneath me
Believe me
Evil's in the eye of the water
So I tell myself, this is water
this is water
this is water
this is water

Verse Two (Dirty Elegance)

if it's in the water where is our fluidity
our capability for reform and adaptability
not to venture down the road as those from history
the meek inheriting the world all spun by ministry
the main agenda being that of power and industry
our masses salted through fear spawning complacency
and peppered through the tubes providing false reality
and lives are sacrificed willingly for false security
our only god quickly becoming monetarily
great accomplishments are those of promiscuity
spread your legs get rich and move to easy street
milk every last sweet drop from every available teet
FUCK BP for their lack of responsibility
cracking mother earth making her bleed into eternity
excusing their actions stupidly through insincerity 
with fucking devastating reactions coming inevitably 

Lyrics Stark Love, Dirty Elegance Music Dirty Elegance
Producer Dirty Elegance Publisher Dirty Elegance
Performance Stark Love Dirty Elegance Label Bartleby Records
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