A Long Time Ago 35 year anniversary

Song Length 4:16 Genre Unique - Gospel


(with love to Drew Shawn Samuel Aaron and Brandan)

A long time ago a mother lay by the side of a tiny king,
The wisemen would come, the shepherds kneel and the angels in heav'n would sing:
Hosannah! Alleluia! For unto you this night, a babe is born upon thee earth, to bring the world His light.

A long time ago a perfect man walked the shores of Galilee,
He taught men of faith, to forgive, to love, and bade them, come unto Me.
Hosannah! Alleluia! How great were all His days, for He had come to show to all the straight and narrow way,

A long time ago a mother knelt by the cross of the chosen king,
The soldiers were there, men mocked His throne, and the angels wept at the scene.
Hosannah! Alleluia! How much He must have cared, for all our sins He took upon, then hung and suffered there.

And not long ago, a mother knelt by the side of her child each night,
She taught her to pray to worship God, and to follow the Savior's light,
Hosannah! Alleluia! Now when each day is through,
The love I have for Him above, I'll teach my child, to you. ~

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