WHEN PARIS CRIES (feat. Hale May)

Story Behind The Song

The tragic terrorist attacks in Paris, November 2015.

Song Description

Written in light of the November 2015 attacks, When Paris Cries is a tribute that blends joy and sadness with soft accordion touches to celebrate all things Paris. Two versions: one with Parisian interludes, the other without. Although the vocals are mostly in English, the French and Franglais departs, delights and surprises!

Song Length 3:15 Genre Pop - Alternative, Pop - Standards
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Serene, Engaging Subject City, Country, Nation
Similar Artists Cyndi Lauper, Diana Krall Language English
Era 2000 and later



When Paris cries, the world
Wipes her tears and holds her close.
When Paris cries, the world
Calms her fears, and makes the most
Of memorials and candles lit,
Of hopelessness, bewilderment,
Of flow'rs and pray'rs, the pain we share,
Of messages that show we care.

When Paris sighs, the world
Takes a breath and turns to hope.
When Paris sighs, the world
Plays sweet strains, La Vie En Rose.
Familiar songs, Edith Piaf,
Petits bateaux and les enfants.
Nous pouvons, nous demander, why? Pourquoi?
Nous disons que nous ne savons pas.

Outside markets, fresh bread and fruit,
We smell les fleurs as we rendez-vous!
We walk along les Champs Elysées,
We flirt and chat as accordions play!
Smell les boulangeries!
Drink at les brasseries!
Taste les patisseries!
Liberté! Égalité! Fraternité!

When ParIs smiles, the world
Breathes her name and sips her wine.
When Paris smiles, the world's
At cafés to drink and dine
With nos amis, en tête-à-tête.
The night Seine flows, ce soir reflects
The silhouette, la tour Eiffel!
Bonne nuit, Par-ee. All will be well.
Good night, Par-ee. All will be well.

Lyrics Denise Dimin Music Denise Dimin
Producer Bryan Dobbs Publisher Reel2Real Songs
Performance Hale May
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