La La Land

Story Behind The Song

With two kids, two cats, two jobs life gets hectic and sometimes you just need a vacation that you can afford

Song Description

It's a great place to visit

Song Length 3:08 Genre Country - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Welcoming Subject Life, General
Language English


La La Land

Is your life getting to be too much,
Do all your dreams seem lost and out of touch,
The scheme of things nothing like you had planned
Then come join me in La la land

CH: In La la land
there?s no catch, everything?s free
find a shady patch under a coconut tree
c?mon let?s go to La la land

Don?t you just need a break
Maybe a little change of pace
Sometimes this world can be so demanding
Well come join me in la la land

CH: Solo

In la la land
A margarita in each hand
I?m kickin back and working on my tan
Now aint life grand in La la land ?

Lyrics Deanna Delaine Music Deanna Delaine
Producer Deanna Delaine Performance Deanna Delaine
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