Memories On The Wall

Story Behind The Song

I wrote this when my then step-son went to war and my father was ill before his death. I was reflecting on some photos I had hanging on my wall.

Song Description

This song is about the power of photographs and what they represent.

Song Length 4:34 Genre Country - Traditional
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Endearing Subject Hero, You, Yours
Language English Era 1990 - 1999


(Dwain C. Hathaway)
© 1990 D.C. Hathaway Music

Sitting all alone in this house. It's not much but it's home
With pictures on the wall that bring memories to us all.
Somehow the pictures keep us close to yesterday
And those we love, some above the heavens that we pray.
The children that we raised, some have gone their separate ways.
Their faces all aglow on the wall we've come to know.
There's our Moms and Dads on their special days and you and I in our loving ways.
God has blessed us all with memories on the wall.

The memories on the wall find a way to tell us all
The story of our lives and how a love survives.
Pictures of the past, forever they will last.
Some may shatter when they fall but you'll never break the memories on the wall.
We look back through the years. On the wall, it still brings tears
From the joy of our lives with family and friends, husbands and wives.
But there's one particular memory that's on the wall for you and me,
There's someone that we miss and long to hold and kiss.



There's something said about a smiling face of a loved one that you can't erase
And when we're dead and gone the memories linger on.


Some may shatter when they fall but you'll never break the memories on the wall.

Lyrics Dwain C. Hathaway Music D. C. Hathaway
Producer D. C. Hathaway Publisher D.C. Hathaway Music
Performance Amy Ketchum Label Third Rock Records
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