Still Gonna Say I Do

Story Behind The Song

John's daughter was married recently but many dear friends and family could not attend due to the Covid pandemic, but they realized what was the most important thing about the wedding and marriage.

Song Description

The challenges of a Covid-era wedding are met by realizing what's really important.

Song Length 3:34 Genre Country - Americana
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Marriage Language English
Era 2000 and later


It's been a year
Started out just fine, then it crept up from behind
Like an NFL quarterback who just got sacked...
A sneak attack

But this was the year
We were going to tie the knot, we set the date we picked the spot
Just like anything well planned it could apart
It could break your heart

But it's gonna' be OK if all our family can't be near
It's gonna' be all right if some of our friends can't make it here
It's not their fault, no one's to blame
It's for the best, I won't complain

If I can get a pastor to agree to meet us here
And someone to record it on their phone
All the rest is fluff, 'baby, you're enough
When you take my hand, I'm still gonna' say I do

We're not alone
The whole world's in this mess, we're all trying to do our best
And everything we once took for granted has a whole new feel
And it don't seem real

But our lives go on
The sun came up today and tomorrow's on its way
We're gonna' get through this like everything before
It just makes me love you more!

[Repeat Refrain and tag last line]

Lyrics John Scott Music Dawglips
Producer Jack Kline Publisher N/A
Performance Dawglips
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