Song Length 3:32 Genre Rock - Classic, Rock - General
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Endearing Language English
Era 1980 - 1989


Whenever I'm in your presence
Feels like heaven.
I can't get enough of your beauty.
Even though I've never touched your body
know that I love you.
So please don't turn away from me now.

I need you so badly.
Chills up my spine,
Girl you're blowin' my mind.
...You drive me wild...
Wishin' I could call you on the phone,
Should I be aggressive or leave you alone?
...You drive me wild...
Like a fire buring out of control,
Girl you rule my heart
And you Rule My Soul.
Ooh Baby, Ooh Baby,
You drive me wild.

Oooh, Baby I love you so much
wanna touch you like you've never been touched.
Sparks turn into flames.
Golden hair and eyes of blue,
Girl you make my dreams come true.
There are so many things
I just wanna do...

Repeat Chorus

In my fantasies our bodies come together
Keeping perfect rhythm with the sound of pleasure
That fills the air
...Screams of pleasure...
The pleasure of our lust
lasting for hours
...Screams of pleasure...
The thirst for one another
It still remains the same

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Lyrics David Martin Music David Martin
Producer David Martin Publisher Red onion publishing
Performance David Martin Label Martel Records
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