Las Vegas

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Song about gambling and Las Vegas.

Song Description

Song about gambling and Las Vegas.

Song Length 4:39 Genre Rock - General, Pop - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Welcoming, Affable Subject General, City
Similar Artists Collective Soul, Warren Zevon Language English
Era 2000 and later


Las Vegas - Buzz Meade 2005

How many people stand to lose it all
From the cards in the hand that they drew
How many new addictions are beckoned by the call
That everything they dream could come true

And life holds 21 while you stay at 17
You lose and then you're gone

Don't come to Las Vegas
Banking on that you can score
And I make it a point not to go to Las Vegas
Cause I don't trust that city anymore

Well I used to live with a girl named Beverly
She danced in a Saturday night show
She got sick of how the city let her bleed
Got sick of the lights and all the glow

And she gambled on the thought
That she'd know when to quit
But I guess that she forgot

And as soon as you get off the plane
The slot machines will pull you in
And as soon as you learn to complain
That before you can begin it's assured that you can't win

Well just last night I walked the city beat
To see the glamour in it all
And overhead the neon blinds and reflects upon the street
On the many faces and the walls

And I find the human side in every corner and every nook
The newly weds I eyed the bookie and the crook
The vendor and the cop all make this what it is
Will it ever stop

Lyrics Buzz Meade Music Buzz Meade
Producer Kevin Arndt, Buzz Meade Publisher ASCAP
Performance Buzz Meade, David Geschke, John Calarco Label Indie
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