Right on the Edge

Story Behind The Song

This is my first Piano piece.

Song Description

There is a lack of trust and suspicion and also a feeling of being unstable in this piece.

Song Length 4:24 Genre Classical - General, Classical - Romantic
Tempo Multiple Tempos Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Tense, Troubled Language No Language
Era 2000 and later

Very well played, and I also like the piano sound!

Excellent piece!! Love the technique!!!! The piece is very much alive with expression (dynamics & tempo).

very complex piano playing instrumental piece, superb playing with lots of life and texture. very varied that keeps the listener on his toes. and ears open
musically the playing is top class

I like this a lot, I think a few diminuendos here and there may add to the feel of this very interesting composition. I like the slow section in contrast. Well done, I liked that one very much.

What fun. Liked this.
A couple different styles.

Music Dave Mason Producer Dave Mason
Performance Dave Mason
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Clean Clean

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