Wolf At The Door

Song Length 4:22 Genre Rock - General, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English


Wolf At The Door

Listen now children, what's that sound I hear
I swear I've heard it before
sniffin' and a-scratchin' children don't you fear
but there's a wolf at the door
run and fetch my rifle from the bedroom wall
time to settle the score
he's been slipping through the fences since late last fall
I guess he's hungry for more
but don't be afraid of no wolf at the door

Listen now children to that awful sound
you best remember it well
evil things come, try to tear on down
what we worked so hard to build
see his yellow eyes watching all hungry and mean
closing in for the kill
cold steel rifle all shiny and clean
I know some blood gonna spill
wolf at the door, come on and get your fill

Tooth and claw, rifle and lead
man or beast, still the blood runs red
listen now children to what I said
wolf skin blanket gonna warm your bed

Listen now children for it's best you know
this ain't no point of pride
but facing that beast in the moonlit snow
how I was shaking inside
with my heart like a cannon pounding in my ears
swear I was ready to die
with one deep breath I brushed away my fears
I let them bullets fly
I never will forget the sound of his anguished cry

Lyrics Dave Isaacs Music Dave Isaacs
Producer Bob Stander, Dave Isaacs Publisher Les Coyote Music (BMI)
Label Shadow Brook Records
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