This Is Me (Jackalope Junction)

Song Length 3:46 Genre Country - Rock, Rock - General
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Don't say a word
I know what you've been thinkin
yeah I know it's late
I admit that I've been drinkin
I don't mean to cause you any pain
every day I try to show you
you're still the love of my life
and I couldn't leave me if you told me to

so if every now and then I gotta spend some time alone
you know there's nothing sweeter than the moment I come home

This ain't the whiskey that's talking, this is me right here
you know I never could walk away from you my dear
now hear what I say, let me be perfectly clear
it ain't the whiskey that's talkin, this is me right here

We've had some times
all the years we've been together
and I told you the truth
when I made a promise for forever
so honey try and understand
you know that I never mean to hurt you
baby I'm just a man
but you know I never could desert you

no matter where I wander to I'm never far away
my feet may wanna ramble but they'd never let me stray

Lyrics Dave Isaacs Music Dave Isaacs
Producer Karen Angela Moore Publisher Les Coyote Music (BMI)
Performance Jackalope Junction Label Shadow Brook Records
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