Moment Of Grace

Song Length 4:31 Genre Folk - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English


In a moment of grace
all karma is burned
in a moment of grace
all lessons are learned
electric realization
enlightenment comes
in a moment of grace
everything becomes one

every miserable sinner
every suffering child
the truck-stop lotto winner
the lost youth running wild
all the captains of business
with expense account meals
all the sun-baked day workers
all a-toil on the fields

all the poor huddled masses
all the bitter old men
every moment that passes
comes back 'round again
every wrong that yet lingers
every debt never paid
every unfulfilled promise
anyone ever made

everyone struggles
everyone falls
one way or another
trouble comes to us all
every whispered confession
every confidence earned
in a moment of grace
all karma is burned

in a flash of conviction
in a moment of grace
every prophet's prediction
for the fate of the race
like the trumpets announcing
as the bright sky is riven
in a moment of grace
everything is forgiven

Lyrics Dave Isaacs Music Dave Isaacs
Producer Bob Stander/Dave Isaacs Publisher Les Coyote Music (BMI)
Label Shadow Brook Records
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