Guardian Angels

Story Behind The Song

The writer had twin neices who died at birth in the 1970's. During a photo shoot for the Angel and the Folksinger album in 1995 he was at the cemetery where the twins were buried. The song came as an inspiration as he sat in his car awaiting the photograp

Song Description

Even though we've lost someone precious we can maintian hope in knowing that they're not really gone, but merely with us in a different way.

Song Length 4:03 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female Subject Angels
Similar Artists David Gray Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


Was it that you weren't ready for the world
Or was the world not ready for you
If you had stayed you'd be 23 years old
For a living what would you do
Your brothers and a sister are all grown now
But only one is older than you
But now you're the Angels
You're watching over them too
Dad spent his teenaged years in Vietnam
While your ma waited at home
They got married on the 4th of July
You were still living in your heavenly home
The family always dreamed of someone like you
To be a part of the family tree
But now you're the Angels
You're watching over them too

Lyrics Dave Hawkins Music Dave Hawkins
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