What I See

Story Behind The Song

Just the joy I feel when I'm with my wife.

Song Description

A song of happiness and love. Being ' in bliss'.

Song Length 3:27 Genre Pop - General, Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Content, Delightful Subject Attracted, Crush, Girlfriend, Wife
Similar Artists Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney Language English
Era 2000 and later


As the breeze slides through your hair
I see the mischief in your eyes
As you pull me I'm aware
I'm really sure you're not too shy

Let us grab this moment now
Time to take a chance
I felt it was quite innocent
It started with a glance

What I see, it's you that's holding me
What I see, oh
Can't you see, this vision that I see

What I see, I've said before
This quiet time we share
Oh the times we have in store, baby
It's not polite to stare

(Repeat Chorus)
What I see - things you do that make me smile
Hope you stay more than just awhile
What I see - Don't you know your place is here, right by my side
Down by the old oak tree, making love
Only time for you and me
It's the start of the rest of our lives, oh

(Repeat chorus)
Won't you share this dream with me

What I see, I've said before
Oh the times we have in store

Lyrics David Bradley Mau Music Kevin Savigar
Producer David Bradley Mau
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