Happy Feet

Song Description

Just love the music; makes my toes tap, and my feet get up and dance!

Song Length 2:55 Genre Country - Bluegrass, Country - Rockabilly
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Delighted, Joyful Subject Joy, Dance
Language English Era 2000 and later


My Happy Feet

Can you hear the music
Don't you feel that beat
I'm gonna follow the sound that I hear
I'm gonna follow my feet

Look at those boys a' playin
Take a picture with my phone
Well at the end of the night, you'll find
Happy feet are dancin' home

Where's the next place they're playin'
I need to hear 'bout their next show
You just tell me where and when
And I'll be there don't you know

Well you know where to find me
Oh, I never roam
I'll be the one, with this tune in my head
You'll hear my happy feet dancin' home

Some have said that it's passion
I just feel it in my bones
It may seem that I've lost my way
Happy feet dancin' home

Can you hear this music
Don't you feel the beat
I'm gonna follow the music I hear
I'm gonna follow my happy feet

Oh, my happy feet, oh my happy feet
Oh, I love my happy feet
Oh, my happy feet, oh, my happy feet
They're dancin' all around your town
I love my happy feet...

Lyrics David Bradley Mau Music Briley, Calitri, & Ossoff
Performance Dave Bradley
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